Transforming the Role of Pharmacy

We provide personalized, patient-centered medication management across the continuum of care.

Pharmacological Expertise. Customized Solutions. Improved Outcomes

Bridging medication-related gaps with Innovative pharmacy solutions

Improving Outcomes

At PharmD Live, our focus is twofold: To improve the quality of life of every patient under our care To provide physicians, hospitals, and care facilities with a more reliable and effective continuum of care.

Controlling Costs

We manage the complexities of medication therapy through a broader set of clinical and pharmacological expertise, customized solutions, and new technology tools. In doing so, we can also control expenditures while increasing the level of patient engagement in their own care plan.

Bridging the Gap

Board-certified PharmDs create customized solutions for each patient’s medication regimen. Through one-on-one consultations, the patient, the patient’s physician(s) and pharmacists are all able to make better-informed decisions that can lead to fewer errors, better outcomes, and reduced costs.

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