Our Pharmacogenomics Solution

Improved Outcomes with Evidence-based Customized Therapy

Ineffective treatment often is the result of inadequate information about a particular patient’s condition. Without access to a larger pool of patient data, a clinician is challenged to be precise with medication, which effectively defeats the underlying intent of any healthcare system to diagnose a condition quickly and match that diagnoses with a specific medication. Ineffective treatments place a significant burden on public health systems and the affected patients, and often cause re-hospitalization, adverse events, and increased mortality.

PharmD Live’s Pharmacogenomics Solution

With an understanding of a patient’s unique genetic makeup, a clinician can select a medication with fewer side effects, thereby optimizing and customizing therapeutic strategies. To improve patient care, the PharmD Live solution emphasizes a shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment that is more precise, as a result of data from tests of the genetic variation across patients. Personalized treatment utilizing a pharmacogenomics test will help the clinician predict each patient’s reaction to medications. The understanding of the differences among patients’ drug absorption, metabolism, or activity helps ensure that each patient gets the right medical care.

Our Comprehensive Menu of Solutions Include:

What are the Benefits of the Pharmacogenomics Test?

  • Optimizes drug effectiveness
  • Limits adverse reactions
  • Decreases undesirable adverse drug reactions
  • Improves medication adherence

Who benefits from Our Pharmacogenomics Solutions?

  1. Patients experiencing therapeutic failure
  2. Patients experiencing undesirable adverse drug reactions
  3. Patients who have multiple medications
  4. Patients taking any of the pgx covered medications